For Designers And Brands - Cut & sew


Our cut and sew manufacturing is perfect for designers and brands looking to expand their manufacturing base. We take attention to maintaining strict standards of quality control, helping to ensure end-consumer satisfaction. 

Machines available:
13x High speed single needle
2x Piping/Hemming
1x Blind hemming
2x Edging (4 & 5 threads)
1x ZigZag
1x Button hole
1x Button stitch
1x Dayang fabric cutter

Frequently asked questions

What are your requirements for the cut and sew service?
Designers should provide Tech Packs that include sketches, materials, details and sizing rules for each design. See our Tech Pack submission criteria for downloadable templates and further instructions.

What is your minimum order quantity?
Cut & Sew only: 300pcs
Cut & Sew accessories: 600pcs

What is your warranty?
Our warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship and Belford will repair or replace any products or parts of a product that prove to be defective or don’t match the approved prototype, within 14 days of delivery.

Do you ship internationally?
Belford ships internationally with our partner RAF International Forwarding -

Do you make labels and hang-tags? 
Belford doesn't manufacture labels. We forward such inquires to recommended third party providers.

Do you make fabrics?
Belford doesn't make fabrics. Designers may have their fabrics delivered directly to the Belford warehouse.

What is your manufacturing lead time?
Belford strives to provide a 30-day lead time for production.