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About US

Belford is a Cut & Sew manufacturing company. We procure contracts to create fashion apparel using our wide array of machines and our team of experienced sewers.


The Belford design team is ready to prepare uniforms customized for your organization. Whether you need something functional or a piece that stands out, our team is ready to serve you. Customers may choose from our range or designs or bring a design to us.

After-sales service

Workers presentation is important to any organization. We help you maintain uniforms with repair services and smaller minimum order quantities for re-orders.

For Designers And Brands - Cut & sew

Our cut and sew manufacturing is perfect for designers looking to expand their manufacturing base. We take attention to maintaining strict standards of quality control, helping to ensure end-consumer satisfaction. 
See our Tech Pack submission criteria for downloadable templates.

OUR Clients


It is our mission to revive Philippine manufacturing and become the leading garment manufacturer in the country.